The history of CUBRO goes back to 2003 when it started as part of Acronet GesmbH, as measurement instrumentation distributor. With more than 20 years of market experience Acronet distributed major brands like Anritsu, Sunrise Telecom, Wiltron, and many more. End to end monitoring solutions from major brands were also part of the Acronet portfolio. For such solutions Acronet acted as system integrator and got in touch with Taps and Network Packet Brokers. At that time the available solutions were very limited and the products were missing needed features and functionalities while the pricing was very high. This was the point when we decided to do it better and started developing our own Tap- and Packet Broker lines – CUBRO was born.

Today CUBRO is among the leading vendors of TAPs and Network Packet Brokers and partner of the world’s largest Telcos and Enterprises with installations on all continents.

Our technical experience and the daily work with monitoring systems combined with the input from customers is helping us to develop top class Taps and Network Packet Brokers at the market’s best cost/performance ratio.

From the early beginning on we were focussing on making our products as simple, reliable, flexible and cost efficient as possible.

Simple: Monitoring Systems are very complex installations; do not add more complexity than absolutely needed.

Reliable: Monitoring Systems are very sensitive; do not add another potential point of failure to the system.

Flexible: The planning of Monitoring Systems is a very delicate process and even the best planning is likely to miss a minor but important detail. A flexible Tap solution can help to solve planning issues in many scenarios.

Cost efficient: Monitoring Systems are very expensive in CAPEX and OPEX, a smart Tapping System is helping to reduce TCO dramatically.

Sirindhrananth is Cubro’s partner.


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